Sunday, April 6, 2014

C4T #3

This time around I got a Kindergarten Teacher, Mr. Matt Gomez. He has some interesting discussions about technology, including using them as a way to share learning experiences and how to use something like Twitter.

Handling Twitter was the first post that I commented on. While he did not directly talk about how to use Twitter in a direct fashion, he did post a lot of links to resources that could be helpful to future teachers who might want to use Twitter in some direction. That post can be found here.

The second post was a little more in depth, in that it handles a serious issue. He hosts his own Google Hang Out, called Region 10, and posts the videos on Youtube. In this one, he discusses the idea of shared learning experiences, and how technology can be used to help support and amplify that. He also spends some time on security, and ensuring that the students are safe while sharing online. We have talked about is it possible for students to get into places that they should not be, and how do we prevent that. Well, thankfully we have things like iCurio that help with searching online for information. There are also security passwords that can be placed to lock out certain website, and other programs that can prevent things from being downloaded. We can restrict the use of online access, only letting students get on while we are moving around the room keeping an eye on them.

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