Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blog Post #9

This week we watched a video made to inform us about Mrs. Cassidy's first grade class, as well as a set of videos showing an interview between a previous EDM310 class and Mrs. Cassidy. In the class room video, we got the privilege of being told by the students what they do in class, and how they use the technology that they are being given. Whether or not they fully understand what they are doing, it is still impressive that they understand enough to explain it. The part 1 video was interesting, just to because we got to hear a bit more about what it is like in the current classrooms. I graduated 10 years ago, so when she talks about that she has been dealing with technology since then I can imagine how much technology has changed in the past 5 years, lets alone 10. It was a bit reassuring to see that someone who hadn't grown up with technology, as some of us have, handle the change so well. One of the fears that I have is that technology will advance so fast that the rate of change maybe difficult to keep up with. In part 2 of the interview, she talks about using technology in your personal life and what types of technology you should truly learn to use. Her advice was to stick to what you like, and only figure out in depth the technologies that are connected with what you like. In part 3 she is quick to remind us that the technology we are discussing, like the internet, is a tool, and as teachers we must be vigilant in ensuring that they are used for such purposes only.

A set of students sitting at their desks with laptops in front of them


  1. It was good to see that the students enjoy and understand what they are doing with the technology! Good post, Gregory :)

  2. Gregory, I agree with you. It is very impressive to see first graders using the technology like they are adults. I graduated in 2011 and I can tell you that things have changed tremendously in the three years I have been out of school. As educators, we are going to have to keep up the advancements of technology. Great job on your post, but don't forget that the source is suppose to show up when you place your cursor on the picture not the description of the picture. Keep blogging!!!