Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blog Post 10: Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the Revolution!

This week we got the privilege of listening to Sir Ken Robinson TED Talk about his view on how and why the Education system should be changed. The part that spoke to me is when he said "Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent, not a singular conception." The reason for this is because I have had people in my ear for a while telling me how useless Liberal Arts and English was, and have even told me that the Liberal Arts are no longer needed in society....that we just need Math and Science. While I understand that Math and Science are important for society to expand into the future, a civilization without culture is a dead civilization. Literature, Poetry, Music and Painting are more than just a passing fancy to be dealt with when a person is finished finding the next equation or discovering the next planet, they are something that needs to be fueled inside children and students. As teachers, we need to be aware that not every student is going to be the next Einstein or the next Newton, but rather may be the next Poe of Hawthorne. In the drive for more Scientists and more Mathematicians, we are drying up the well of other creative minds and potentially diverting others away from what their joy may be. It is not a single person's job, and it must be something that becomes apart of the this "Revolution" that Sir Ken Robinson talks about.

Science and Literature shooting at each other with cannons!

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  1. You're right, Gregory.
    Not everyone is the next Einstein. But, everyone has their own forte because everyone is different. I agree that many teachers are "drying up the well of creativity". Some teachers belittle students that take interests in the arts, or other things that they may consider to be useless. Everything is needed in this world, and we need to remember that as teachers. Everyone is different and we do not need to conform everyone into one pattern.
    Great post, Gregory. Keep it up!