Sunday, February 9, 2014

Comments for Teacher #1

The blog that I was assigned was Jenny Luca's "Lucacept intercepting the Web." A resident of Australia, it was interesting to get a view point of a teacher from a different country! Even though we are from different school systems, I believe we both have the same thoughts on the issues presented in my post. The first post I commented on talked about ensuring that students realize that there are multiple ways to succeed. Luca talks about how she attempts to ensure that her students understand that just because you are not the top of your class, does not meant that you can and will not succeed in life. Does she prompt laziness in her class? No, she still expects the very best out of each student. However, she realizes that everyone finds success in their own life in their own way. She uses the life of singer Ben Haggerty, known by stage name Macklemore, as an example. In one of his songs he talks about how he did not let his test scores or society determine who he was, rather he became the person he wanted to be. To many times we judge a student by their test scores, and seem to only positively concentrate on those that do good.

Singer Macklemore

The second post is one that hits more home in every day life. The fact that we must be mindful of the digital foot print we leave behind when we work on the internet, or use apps on our phones. This is a problem even for many adults, but for kids it seems to be a shock to their world. Today, we hear often how kids are smarter than most adults when it comes to the use of technology, and we tend to forget that they still have that innocent look on the world. They do not know or do not realize how dangerous the digital world can be. I take this as a notice that we, as teachers in training, must be on guard on the dangerous of having a digital footprint. We want to ensure our students have a positive experience with the digital world, and to leave a positive footprint for their future.

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