Friday, February 28, 2014


As apart of our assignments in February, we were given a list of students that we needed to visit their blog and comment on them.

The first student that I got, Domenic, talked about an interesting set of website in which you could go and create your own comic strip. The links are on his blog to the different sites. What I found interesting about this post is that Domenic gives us, the reader, his opinion about the sites. Not only that, but he backs up the opinions with actual reasoning behind it. He does not just say "I like this one", but instead tells us the pros and cons of the website.

The second student, Jane, didn't have much to say. According to her post, she was bored and wanted someone to post a reply to her blog and tell them about their vacation. I happily replied and told her about my upcoming spring break plans. I like how the blogs are not necessarily just for school, but can apparently be used by the students as their own personnel blog. I think it is important to let the students know that they can post their own thoughts on their blog, beyond the required posts for school.

The third student, Darkwypsy, had some interesting posts. Unfortunately, I did not understand the context of the posts or what was going I skipped this one. I feel bad for doing so, as I'm sure there was some meaning behind the posts, but I could not find them.

The last student, Jane, had a disturbing and sad post. The post I commented on was about a project the students had to do where they picked a color pallet and wrote a poem about what it reminded them of. She chose the color "va-va-voom", which is apparently a deep violet, and it reminded her of her father. This is where it gets dark, the poem she writes deals with an addiction her father deals with and even has a picture that represents her father. I did not know how to approach this, as again I do not have context to the situation or project, so I just wished her good luck and hope things turned out well.

Seemed mine just got harder as they went along. It was an interesting experiment to see what younger students post in their blogs, and I can't wait for the next set of students.

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